July 01, 2011

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Hi Everyone

I'm of to the wilds of Dunedin in a couple of days for the start of the elearning in practice symposia series with Tom Reeves. Should be great. Just hope the snow (and the ash cloud) keeps away long enough for us to get there and back.

Here is a link to the Prgramme:


I forgot to mention the NZ Moodle Moot in the last posting so here is a big plug for it now. Details are below. Be there if you can, it's always a vibrant and worthwhile event.

Once again variety of links in this posting. It includes some stuff from JISC, the wandering academic, writing for the Web, apps for iPhone and iPad, bookmark repository, digital media resources, sending your large files online, an article on the use of e-readers, resources for language teaching, conferences and kiwi happenings and the odd one out.

August e-company is on the horizon.

1. The Wandering Academic

A wide range of useful articles and opinions on things academic, social networking and useful tools for the student and tutor. The page on
'Collecting, Annotating and Redistributing Student Work using an iPad, GoodReader, Dropbox (and optionally Jotform)' is worth a visit.


2. Symbaloo.

A versatile online tool that allows you to create your own personal homepage with your favourite sites and those you would like your students to use. The sites appear as icons. Try the icon links on the homepage. The link to Shakespeare was most interesting. Fascinating and useful.


3.A new JISC guide: Transforming curriculum delivery through technology: Stories of challenge, benefit and change

'The publication highlights three types of benefit from the work of the projects: efficiency gains leading to quality improvement, enhancement of learning and teaching and whole curriculum transformation.'


You might also like to read an excellent, very comprehensive and interesting report on the project by Lou McGill


4. Apps in Education. Mostly focused on iPads with some useful tips but also some interesting articles like 'Can you really use Twitter in your Classroom?'


when you finished with the above , have a look at this site for more inspiration.


5.44 New Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed: When you have some spare time, troll through this lot. How big is the Web? is a good place to start if you are interested in its history. 15000 registered Domains in 1995 to 350 million today!


6. For teaching of languages TaskBased Language Teaching and learning.

Extract from the site:

'TBLT is a modern language teaching approach for second language learners. It draws on recent research from language acquisition with methods to get your students reading, writing, listening and speaking'.

Lots of free lesson plans and links to a wide range of resources.


7. Yousendit. Another useful site for sending reasonably large files to friends and colleagues. Worked fast and well for me and i will use it again.


8. Web writing style Guide:

'While the text was originally written for students in undergraduate writing classes, it can also be a suitable resource for other writers interested in learning more about writing for the web'.

Very comprehensive online 'booklet' with a lot of knowledgeable contributors. The more you get into it the more you learn and the more useful it becomes. Browse the table of contents to get a feel for the amount of information provided.


9. App advice. Into using iPhone and iPad in teaching and learning?
Here's an interesting site which provides lots of information on access to and information on a wide and increasing range of Apps for the iPhone and iPad. Worth visiting for the odd gem.


10.Research in Learning Technology Article:

How do e‐book readers enhance learning opportunities for distance work‐based learners? Volume 19, Issue 1, 2011

This is a free access article which should be read by anyone contemplating or even currently using e-book readers for student learning and teaching


11. Conferences


The 28th ascilite annual conference will be held at Wrest Point Casino,
Hobart, Australia on 4-7 December 2011. ascilite 2011 reflects on the theme
of 'Changing demands, changing directions'.

Conference details are available at:


11.2 ALT-C 2011 - "Thriving in colder and more challenging climate", our 18th international annual conference. will be held 6-8 September at the University of Leeds.

Bookings are now open.

'Early Bird' discounts are available until 17.00 BST on Monday 4 July 2011.

You can make your booking(s) via


Keynote speakers will include
Miguel Brechner, Head of Uruguay's Plan Ceibal, under which all children and teachers in public schools in Uruguay have received their own laptop and connectivity to the Internet;

Karen Cator, Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, and previously head of Apple's leadership and advocacy efforts in education, where she focused on the intersection of education policy and research, emerging technologies, and the reality faced by teachers, students and manager

John Naughton, Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology at the Open University, and the Observer's technology columnist.
Conference co-chairs: John Cook, Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning at the Learning Technology Research Institute, London Metropolitan University and Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University.

The hashtag for ALT-C 2011 is #altc2011

Full details at .


[Information on ALT-C 201, obtained from Association for Learning Technology Fortnightly news digest ]

11. 3 Inaugural International Conference on eLearning Futures 2011: Unitec Institute of Technology. Auckland New Zealand

Full details can be found at :


12. NZ happenings

NZ Shar-E-fest 2011 will be held in Hamilton on July 11- 12th,

Prof Thom Reeves

from the University of Georgia,Atlanta will be the keynote presenter and workshop facilitator. Thom's keynote abstracts have been posted to the NZ Shar-E-fest 2011 site.

Many thanks to Ascilite for being a contributing sponsor again this year.

Mark the dates in your diary AND aim to be there. Last year was an unqualified success

GO to the NZ Shar-E-fest 2011 Website for more information.


The Programme can be accessed from:


11.4 Moodle Moot NZ11

26th-28th July



13. The odd one out: Ashleigh Brilliant. Useful 'Pot -shots', sayings and other literary delights for enhancing your farewell speech or presentation.

A few of my favorites:

'If only our great thinkers could learn to talk, and our great talkers could learn to think' [You must know at least one of each]

'The really great people are the ones who know how to make the little people feel great' [Must be U]

'I try to take it one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once'. [ I go 'week' at the knees]

'One possible reason why things aren't going according to plan is that there never was a plan'. [What's a plan?]


Until August, That's it again

Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
New Zealand

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