October 01, 2011

eLearningWatch October 2011


where did September go ?and did anything exciting happen? ALT-C 2011 came and went and from the feedback I have had and the ALT-C TV clips I have watched, it was another great event.

The next couple of months are going to be very busy looking after Indonesian tertiary educators and then some more from Saudi Arabia. Retirement has never been so good! At least I get to go the Hobart in December to present at ascilite [to make up for all the hard work]. Tasmania will be a new experience, especially as the conference is in the Casino building. I'm betting the conference is going to be a good one .

Anyway, in the posting this month I've added a few extras as September was a bit light on substance. There are links to instructional design, community of learning, shared video resource, learner benefits and how you know, technologies for learning activities, digital Blooms Taxonomy, educational Origami, Web 2.0 resources, Google tools to support learning,information fluency,vocational education report, conferences and the odd one out.

Should keep you occupied until October fest.

1. An online community of learning called eBrainz has been developed where we host personal interest courses created by members of the public. The assistance to design and get courses online is entirely free.


2. Video resource share-bank from the Southern Educational Developers Group in New Zealand [thanks to Sarah Stewart http://sarah-stewart.blogspot.com for sending the link to this one]

'We have developed a collaborative wiki of video resources that can be shared and we would like to invite you to contribute and annotate any videos or links to videos that you think will help teachers in adult education to develop their teaching practice':


3. An Ako Aotearoa publication: A tertiary practitioner's guide to collecting evidence of learner benefit


4. Technologies to Consider to Support Learning Activities. A big list of possibilities to be explored and maybe you can use some.


5. Educational Origami: Is a blog and a wiki, about 21st Century Teaching and Learning. It is very extensive and covers a very wide range of topics. It also provides a rich source of information, ideas, advice and links to tools and resources. Well worth exploring.


Have a peruse of the Bloom's digital taxonomy:


6. Google tools to support Bloom's revised Taxonomy: Assembled by Kathy Schrock.


7. JISC CETIS: Open Educational Resources Opportunities and Challenges for Higher Education. Briefing document by Li Yuan, Sheila MacNeill and Wilbert Kraan


8.Free Technology Toolkit for UDL in All Classrooms.


9. CEDEFOD: European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training: Vocational education and training at higher qualification levels.[2011]

This is an interesting and comprehensive research report, just released, which highlights some of the activities associated with developing vocational education and training in Europe. This involved in ITO's in NZ may find it useful for comparison and ideas purposes.


Those involved in Vocational education and training may be interested in an updated glossary (published by the sane organisation) relating to 'Quality in Education and Training'


10. Instructional Design Models

A very comprehensive list of links[produced by Martin Ryder] with almost everything you ever wanted to know about Instructional design and more.


11.Got2Web2.0 Has to be the largest Web application index ever. You can explore for hours. Click on the elearning tab for some interesting apps which might meet your needs or those of your students.


12. Information fluency. A resource aimed at improving the information fluency (literacy) of your students
Extract from the site:
'Digital Information Fluency (DIF) is the ability to find, evaluate and use digital information effectively, efficiently and ethically'
Fascinating. Give it a try.


13. JISCInfonet announces the launch of a new version of the Impact Calculator.

What is it?

Extract from the site:

'What is an Impact Calculator?

This freely-available downloadable tool includes the means by which any organisation considering or currently engaged in an initiative to improve the management of a change initiative can capture and measure three distinct sets of data:

1. performance information before and after completion of the initiative

2. costs of implementation

3. an accurate calculation of its measurable benefits to be achieved that can be quantified in both monetary and non-monetary terms'

If you are contemplating small or large elearning project this very versatile and useful tool may be just the thing for you, and its FREE!


14. Conferences


The 28th ascilite annual conference will be held at Wrest Point Casino,
Hobart, Australia on 4-7 December 2011. ascilite 2011 reflects on the theme
of 'Changing demands, changing directions'.

Conference details are available at:


14. 2 Inaugural International Conference on eLearning Futures 2011: Unitec Institute of Technology. Auckland New Zealand

Full details can be found at:


14.3 Innovating e-Learning 2011:Learning in Transition. Online conference

This is the sixth in the series and it still retains it's popularity and relevance.

Pre-conference activity week: 15th - 21st November 2011
Main conference sessions: 22nd - 25th November 2011

Book by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


14.4 Strategic Planning for Flexible Learning
Building capability to foster innovation in a demand driven tertiary education market

15th and 16th November 2011, Citigate Central, Sydney, Australia

To register and peruse the programme go to


14.5 ALT-C 2012 to be held in Manchester,UK, between 11 and 13 September 2012. Watch this space and note the dates in your diary.

15. The odd one out: Anita Sancha: Eco animator: Green video animations.

Some clever short animations on the environment and things green.


That's it until next time

Richard Elliott
The Eternal Macademic
New Zealand

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