February 01, 2012

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Happy New Year, even though some has already passed us by.You should have got back into the swing of things by now.Even on this side of the globe, as the student population waits in eager anticipation for the doors to open (well some might),back at the desk can't be as good as a barbie on the beach.Seems a distant memory. It will be interesting to see what influence the new Apple apps and software for the iPad will have on teaching and learning. I'm sure there will be many already creating authentic learning experiences for their students. I think the potential for creating new learning experiences, using the iPad, has never been better. I predict that this year, innovation and creativity with these emerging technologies will produce some excellent learning resources and improve and increase the learning expereinces and knowledge of many people at all levels of society.

Just one link on iPads in this posting, plus there are links to an excellent objectives builder,some stuff on curriculum and general teaching and learning tips and techniques, new kit from JISCInfonet, a train the trainer manual,guide to writing competency based training materials,game based learning, a twitter guide for academics,ALT's new open access journal, conferences and the odd one out

1. Objectives Builder. This is an excellent resource for teaching about and creating learning objectives (or learning outcomes). Watch the tutorial video. It's very clear and concise and easy to follow. Then start creating.


2.JISCInfonet: Knowledge Transfer: New Games, New Rules.A new infokit

Another excellent resource form the JISCInfonet stable. This resource integrates current innovation theory, modern social media tools and current thinking on market behaviour or motivation, to provide a more effective model of Knowledge Transfer; a model that is capable of delivering more with less.


3. Teaching and learning resource. This is quite a neat site with lots of useful information relating to learning and teaching. It is relatively uncluttered and provides commonsense approaches and explanations on a range of subjects. Curriculum is explained in simple terms.

http://www.learningandteaching.info/ Curriculum

4.Ideas and Skills for New and Future Teachers. Another one of those Websites that has a lot of useful information, guides and help for teachers.
Worth looking at the areas that interest you. I quite liked the sections on lesson planning


5.A Guide to Writing Competency Based Training Materials. A well written manual(Australian focus) which could prove useful to those who have the task of writing a competency based curriculum.


6.Research in Learning Technology is the journal of the Association for Learning Technology and is now open access. Great move giving free access to lots of high quality research papers and articles


7. The GAMEiT Handbook: A framework of game based learning pedagogy.

Very comprehensive online booklet(131 pages) all about game based learning. There's a very good introduction to game based learning , followed by chapters form a number of authorities on various aspects of game based learning


8.Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific:Train the trainer: Training Fundamentals: Instructor's reference manual

This is an excellent manual. Well written and structured with very useful guides and information on policies procedures and processes associated with trainer training. Well worth reading and employing some of the approaches.
pdf download.


9.London School of Economics produces new Twitter guide for academics. Clearly written and easy to follow and may change your mind on using twitter or not in your courses.

Click on the link to download the guide


10. 75 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the Classroom.
Might be something you could use. Certainly a wide variety of activities and it's not all for the kids.


11. Conferences

11.1 ALT 2012: The 19th international conference of the Association for Learning Technology will be held at the University of Manchester, UK, 11-13
September 2012.

The conference title is "A confrontation with reality" and the conference
themes are Problem solving, Mainstreaming, Openness and sharing,
sustainability, and Entrepreneurialism.

To access the detailed call for Abstracts go to


To access the detailed call for Proceedings Papers go to


11.2 ascilite 2012: Preliminary information

Dates are 25th to 28th November, Wellington, New Zealand


12. Other New Zealand events

NZ Sharefest 2012 and regional elearning in practice symposia will take place from
1 - 12 October 2012

The NZ Sharefest will be in Hamilton on 1 and 2nd October. Details will appear on the Sharefest site


13. The odd one out: Geek Dad. Someone has to make some comments and sense out of all the different gadgets and resources appearing for the technological community. There are some interesting evaluations, comments, ideas and things to learn amongst these pages. Lots for the kids (big and small) really.


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The Eternal Macademic
New Zealand

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